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Welcome To Sandbox Recording Studio

(318) 550-6956

Making music is a beautiful thing...and that's what Sandbox Recording Studio does best. With the ability to pull talent from a thriving music scene in Shreveport, LA, and the notoriously cool vibe and atmosphere of their acoustically treated rooms, Sandbox takes their place on the cutting edge. Go to YouTube here and see what clients have said about Sandbox Recording Studio's chief engineer Darren Osborn. Make an appointment today for your free consultation by calling: (318) 550-6956

"Any Studio Is Only As Good As It's Engineer." Joe Osborn

You can trust that YOUR tone will be YOUR tone. Darren is also a multi instrumentalist and understands the importance of a great headphone mix in the studio. "Finally, we have someone who understands both sides of the glass!" Joe Osborn - member of "the Wrecking Crew" and "the Nashville A Team"

Sandbox Recording Studio "is an oasis!" Forest Whitaker

Sandbox Recording Studio provides a peaceful and creative environment like no other. After recording once at the Sandbox, actor Forest Whitaker recommended us for his next project too!

Soul Men

During a vocal recording session for music on the Soul Men film, Bernie Mac said, "This place is beautiful!" Samuel L. Jackson said, "Good vibes. Great studio!"

Jack Black!

When Jack Black hung out at Sandbox, recording the voice of Kung Fu Panda, he wrote on the wall,"You guys rule the school!"

Steve Howell

On July 9, 2011, the Academy of Texas Music, named a CD recorded, mixed and mastered at Sandbox with it's Historical Significance Award: "Since I Saw You Last", by Steve Howell. This award honors the efforts of the album to preserve for all time the fidelity of the tunes recorded and recognizes the significance of the emotion embedded in each performance. Sandbox congratulates Steve Howell on his award winning performance!